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Are you looking for a fully licensed, bonded and insured handyman in Norwalk California? Imperhero Handyman offers you experienced professionals suitable for handling various repair and installation tasks at your residential or commercial establishment. Our business is ensuring that you enjoy a comfortable living space by providing major and minor repair services at your residential property. Operating under principles of trust and reliability, we are Norwalk’s best resource commercial and residential handyman needs.
Therefore, if you require installation, garbage disposal installs, sink repair or even landscape lighting, you just found a reliable service provider. We shall provide you a free estimate for all the services that you need. Our experts are well trained and knowledgeable to provide you all the repair needs. We have the best equipment allowing us to deliver to customer expectations while offering you budget-friendly pricing. Call us today on (805) 225-8277 for a free service inquiry and consultation.


Installation Services

Imperhero Handyman offers installation of different facilities. Here are some good examples of the installation that we handle.

  • Sink Installs

For professional installation of kitchen or bathroom sinks, contact Imperhero Handyman. Our qualified technicians will replace the existing sinks. We work with the clients right from choosing the best sinks to ensuring the sink is functional throughout.

  • Lighting Installation

Do you want to ensure a nicely lit home interior or exterior? At Imperhero Handyman, we provide you with best electricians for all your lighting installation needs. Whether interior lighting or landscape lighting, trust Imperhero Handyman for the best services.

lighting service
  • Installation of the Ceiling Fan

To give your living an improvement, why not consider the installation of the ceiling fan. At Imperhero Handyman, we provide quality installment of the ceiling fan. We shall creatively position the ceiling fan to ensure it adds that nice look to the ceiling of your living room.

  • Garbage Disposal Install Norwalk CA

When it comes to garbage disposal, you want an install that will be pest proof while also protecting the environment. Imperhero Handyman will ensure that your property is fitted with the best garbage disposal. Imperhero Handyman shall help to keep the environment and the air you breathe clean by installing air-tight garbage disposals to avoid irritating odors. In case the garbage disposal is not working well, we shall diagnose and resolve the issue to ensure the proper functioning of the garbage disposal.

Repair Jobs

Even if you feel handy enough to handle repairs, chances are that you do not have enough time to ensure proper fixation. You do not have to spend the whole day trying to fix broken tap. Contact Imperhero Handyman for repairs on broken facilities or furniture in your residential property. We offer you inexpensive rates and most qualified technicians for repairing your household facilities or office furniture. Here are some of the repair services we handle.

  • Toilet Repair

The toilet is one of the most important facilities that we need. Is your toilet or sewer line not functioning right? Imperhero Handyman offers the best toilet repair in Norwalk. We handle different toilet designs and models. Our technicians will quickly fix the toilet restoring it to the right working condition.

  • Faucet

There is no need trying to put up to a dripping faucet. Contact Imperhero Handyman for faucet repair. Using our best equipment and skilled professionals, we shall ensure fast and efficient faucet repair.

  • Drywall Repair

Drywall repair is important before you paint your walls. At Imperhero Handyman, we use the quality spackling compound for the smallest holes and cracks. This prevents water damage while ensuring your home looks nice and attractive. Contact professional Norwalk handyman for drywall repair.

  • HVAC Repair

To ensure optimal performance of the HVAC, you need a professional who will perform diagnosis and provide repair services. Imperhero Handyman provides you with highly qualified technicians for the HVAC repair task. Contact us today and enjoy the best services.

  • Door and Windows Repair

Doors and windows are a critical factor when it comes to the security of your home. Do not let faulty door or window put your belongings into risk. Contact Imperhero Handyman for professional door and window repair


How long does your handyman take to arrive onsite?

At Imperhero Handyman, we believe in rapid response to our customer’s inquiries and service requests. Whenever a client needs our services, we respond in a timely manner.

I need your services. How can I reach you?

Call us on (805)228-8277. Alternatively, you can fill the online contact form and we shall get back to you within a very short time.

How much do you charge?

Our pricing model is pocket-friendly. Contact us for a free estimate.